Bigger than one man...

It may be my name on the sign, but Howard Wilson Robinson is not only a combined experience of many years and many trades, but many people. 

Having a trusted network of skilled craftsmen, across joinery, painting, installation and appliances, means that I can concentrate on what I do best, knowing every step is carefully looked after by best in the business.

Communication is key to smooth running of this network, and this is also key to our relationship with our clients. We talk often and meet regularly to ensure a cohesive result that everyone is happy with. And we think the work speaks for itself - every picture on this website, is a product of this process, and represents a very happy customer.


Hand crafted. Hand drawn

All design work is done by hand and copied by dye-line to produce the traditional 'Blue Print'. I find that the character of the designer transfers beautifully from head, to hand, to paper. Our clients are constantly delighted to see that I still find the time and passion to draw and design on paper. I’ve always enjoyed this traditional design process, and get immense satisfaction from my drawings, and seeing them transformed from paper to completion is still a little piece of magic.